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Virginia Health Information (VHI) is the only source for the complete database of all licensed Virginia hospital discharges. VHI's patient level database system includes patient demographic, administrative, clinical, and financial information on every discharge that occurs in Virginia licensed hospitals.

With over 850,000 discharges a year, the VHI patient level database system is the only source for complete information to answer questions on utilization, planning, quality improvement, and other uses by business, hospitals, insurers, physicians and the Commonwealth.

Patient level data is produced for every calendar quarter since the third quarter of 1993 and is available approximately six months after the end of each calendar quarter. Download the Data Directory and the Order Form for PLD and RATs Quarterly Hospital Data in Adobe Acrobat for more information and specific data elements, applications and order forms.

Custom Reports

At one time or another, many people and organizations have very specific needs for health care information. To meet these needs, VHI can develop custom reports to answer their questions. Some examples of information VHI has developed include:

Elements to Consider

Getting the right information depends on knowing what you want, what is available and how to display it. The following are some suggestions to help you define a custom report that will meet your needs:

Next Steps

Once VHI helps you define your report and receive your written request, we will send you a time and cost estimate associated with the report. VHI asks that you sign the request and return it so we can get it scheduled for production without delay. For more information on reports please call or email us.