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VA gets a B for Health Care Price Transparency
Top 7 in the country

The Report Card on State Price Transparency Laws by the Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute highly ranks Virginia on how consumers can find out how much medical procedures cost. This report card is important and timely as consumers are asked to shoulder more of their health care costs. Virginia Health Information currently lists the prices of more than 30 different procedures and services. To see how Virginia stacked up, click here: www.hci3.org/sites/default/files/files/Report_PriceTransLaws_114.pdf

While Virginia received a B for health care pricing, www.vhi.org/healthcareprices, it was striking that some of the 29 states receiving an F for their pricing transparency laws would easily get an A for their level of quality reporting on doctors and hospitals.

State data organizations led the way in quality reporting in the 90s and more recently were joined by private companies and the federal government. What is needed now is information to support value- based purchasing, the Holy Grail of consumer choice.

29 States Get F On Disclosure Laws For Health Care Prices
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Wonder why you can't get a straight answer on how much a treatment or test will cost you? One big reason: State laws that allow hospitals and other providers of health care to keep costs hidden until they send you the bill. A report card on price ...

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Overall, 36 states received grades of D or F in the report issued Monday by two nonprofit healthcare groups that analyzed government efforts to make pricing information widely available to consumers. This issue has taken on added importance in recent ...

Your Health: Virginia graded "B" on health price transparency
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Virginia health care price data is available on the Virginia Health Information website at www.vhi.org. VHI is an independent, nonprofit organization that has a state contract to collect and report health care data. The VHI website has a section ...

State Health Care Cost Transparency Grade