ConnectVirginia's EXCHANGE provides a secure method to query and retrieve patient data by facilitating the process of onboarding participants directly to eHealth Exchange, a nationwide health information exchange.

77% of the nation's state and regional health information exchanges (HIEs) exchange patient data within eHealth Exchange's network.

Becoming a participant would connect your organization to:

  • 4 federal agencies
  • 61 region/statewide HIEs
  • 75% of all US hospitals
  • 70,000 medical groups
  • 5,800 dialysis centers
  • 8,300 pharmacies
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eHealth Exchange facilitates the sharing of continuity of care documents (CDDs). CCD exchange is based on the HL7 CDA architecture. CDA, or clinical document architecture, is a "document standard" governed by the HL7 organization. A CCD is a summary of one patient's clinical information in electronic form. A CCD gives clinicians a standard way to share a comprehensive yet concise representation of a patient's medical history and current condition. 

eHealth exchange also supports additional use cases such as social security disability benefits determination and immunization notifications.

ConnectVirginia will be happy to facilitate your application process and answer any questions you may have. If your organization is interested in becoming an eHealth Exchange participant via ConnectVirginia, please contact us at

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Updated on: 7/26/2021