A program managed by ConnectVirginia Health Information Exchange (HIE) via Virginia Health Information with technology provided by Collective Medical

  • A single, statewide real-time communication and collaboration program among healthcare providers, clinical and care management personnel for patients receiving services in Virginia for the purpose of improving the quality of patient care services
  • Established by the Virginia General Assembly as a response to the overutilization of emergency departments seen throughout the country
  • 106 hospital EDs are live and participating on the network
  • All health plans (3.4 million lives), multiple clinics, accountable care organization (ACOs), managed care entities (MCEs), community services boards (CSBs), federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) and skilled nurse facilities have already been onboarded or in the process of onboarding

Being able to tap in to the Collective Platform, care providers would have access to (but not limited to):

  • COVID-19 lab result flagging and reporting functionality (implemented in early 2020)
  • Real-time ED and hospital encounter info integrated into existing workflows
  • Patient demographic information, such as up-to-date phone numbers
  • Details on patients’ utilization history, care team, and care summaries
  • Information on the movement of patients after discharge
  • A common collaboration platform for your care team, and other healthcare providers on the network to share information on common high-risk patients

Current participants use the EDCC Program in a variety of ways to help manage care for their patients. Learn about some of their success stories in our media room. EDCC Program case studies are also available.

Please complete the EDCC Program Discovery Form and send to EDCCPsupport@vhi.org

EDCC Care Collaboration Across VA

EDCC Participants Across Virginia

If you would like to learn more about Collective Medical please follow the link.

Updated on: 5/10/2021