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Ballad Corporate Finance
Kingsport, TN 37660
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Shane Hilton
CFO, Corp, Retail, & Non Acute Services

EPICS Variation Comments: The individual balance sheet is not inclusive of all hospital data and is not provided to management, board of directors, bondholders, etc. The consolidated corporate balance sheet includes all cash, investments, accounts payables, fixed assets, debt, etc. As of 02/01/2018 Mountain States Health Alliance merged with Wellmont Health System to form Ballad Health. The Balance Sheet for Ridgeview Pavilion (Psychiatric Hospital) is not included as it is part of Bristol Regional Medical Center (Acute Hospital) located in TN and is therefore not included in the Hospitals column in the BS section. The Balance Sheet for Francis Marion Manor Health & Rehabilitation (Nursing Home) is NOT included as part of the filing for Smyth County Community Hospital (Acute Hospital) and is therefore included in the Nursing Home column in the BS section. The Balance Sheet for Mountain View Regional Medical Center-LTCU (Hospital - Long Term Care Unit) is included as part of the filing for Wellmont Mt. View Regional Medical Center (Acute Hospital) and is therefore not included in the Nursing Home column in the BS section.

Updated on: 04/30/2024

Financial Information

For Fiscal Year 7/1/2021 - 6/30/2022
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Parent Hospital financial information was originally intended to benefit of large employers and purchasers of care.
However, consumers should know that financially healthy hospitals may be better able to provide charity care and invest in infrastructure, and technology.


  • Net patient service revenue $534,237,477
  • Other operating revenue $63,231,751
  • Net assets released from restriction $0
  • Total operating revenue $597,469,228


  • Labor$239,823,808
  • Non-labor$215,369,420
  • Capital$36,034,732
  • Taxes$22,030,044
  • Total operating expense$513,258,004
  • .
  • Operating income$84,211,224
  • Net non-operating gains (loss)$30,840,177
  • Revenue and gains
    in excess of expenses and losses$115,051,401

Balance Sheet

  • Current assets$67,588,386
  • Net fixed assets$0
  • Other assets$437,824,319
  • Total assets$505,412,705
  • .
  • Current liabilities$84,022,528
  • Long term liabilities$201,398,259
  • Total liabilities$285,420,787
  • Total net assets$219,991,918
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Updated on: 04/30/2024


The facilities included below submit Annual Historical Filings to VHI, inclusive of financial and utilization information.
Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of subsidiaries associated with each parent company.
Facility Name City Facility Type
Ballad Heatlh Medical Associates Urgent Care
24530 Falcon Place Blvd Ste 100
Abingdon Freestanding
Dickenson Community Hospital 
312 Hospital Drive
Clintwood Critical Access Hospital
Francis Marion Manor Health & Rehabilitation 
100 Francis Marion Lane
Marion Nursing Home
Johnston Memorial Comprehensive Cancer Center
Johnston Memorial Hospital
Abingdon Freestanding
Johnston Memorial Hospital 
16000 Johnston Memorial Drive
Abingdon Acute Hospital
Lee County Community Hospital 
127 Health Care Drive
Pennington Gap Critical Access Hospital
Lonesome Pine Hospital 
1990 Holton Avenue, East
Big Stone Gap Acute Hospital
Lonesome Pine Norton 
1990 Holton Avenue, East
Big Stone Gap Acute Hospital
Mountain View Regional Medical Center - LTCU 
310 Third Street, NE
Norton Hospital - Long Term Care Unit
Norton Community Hospital 
100 Fifteenth Street, NW
Norton Acute Hospital
Ridgeview Pavilion (Bristol Region) 
103 North Street
Bristol Psychiatric Hospital
Russell County Hospital 
PO Box 3600
Lebanon Acute Hospital
Smyth County Community Hospital 
245 Medical Park Drive
Marion Acute Hospital
Southwest Virginia Cancer Center
671 Highway 58 East
Norton Freestanding
Total Facilities: 14