The holidays are a popular time for travel. Whether you are planning a road trip or catching a flight, Virginia Health Information wants your plans to be safe and stress-free!

  1. Prepare your home for safety - ensure security systems are working properly and have someone you trust periodically check your home while you're away.
  2. Pack your car with essentials - keep an emergency preparedness kit that includes jumper cables, a flashlight, first-aid kit, a blanket, water bottles, snacks, etc. 
  3. Have your car inspected before a long road trip - void car trouble and have your car inspected and maintenanced.
  4. Prepare for busy roads during peak travel time - map your route in advance and consider leaving earlier to avoid traffic. 
  5. Remind children not to talk to strangers - accompany children to the bathroom during breaks and rest stops, equip them with a plan of action if they find themselves separated from the family.
  6. Get plenty of rest - do not drive if you're tired, take turns driving with another passenger or take a pit stop to take a break. 
  7. Pack for unexpected delays - extra clothes, toiletries and a light blanket will come in handy if you find yourself in an unpredictable situation such as a flight delay.
  8. Inform your bank of your travels - avoid having your debit or credit card flagged for fraud by telling your bank of your travel plans, especially if you plan on traveling to multiple places..
  9. Ensure your phone is sufficiently charged - be sure to pack a car charger and portable charger in case of emergencies.
  10. Stay hydrated - traveling can often cause fatigue and dehydration, drink plenty of water to remain hydrated.

Have a great holiday season! We will see you in the New Year. Stay healthy, Virginia!



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