Start with small, measurable goals

Be specific when goal setting - instead "lose weight," try "lose 10-15 pounds." Setting specifications will make your goals seem tangible and easier to reach. You can also consider setting low-end goals and high-end goals - i.e. "lose five pounds by mid-year (low-end goal), lose 15 pounds by the end of the year (high-end goal)."

Begin when you're ready

January 1st doesn't have to be your hard deadline to start working on your resolutions. Make sure you are prepared to face possible lack of motivation and temptations.

Make a habit of your resolutions

Turn your resolutions into routines and habits. If going to the gym is your resolution, add it to your schedule and plan to go at the same time every day. If eating healthier is your resolution, create a grocery list or plan to meal prep. Once your resolution becomes a part of your day-to-day, the more natural or "automatic" it will feel.

Share your experience to maintain motivation

Talk about your experience with your family and friends - they can help keep you accountable and also congratulate you on your achievements. Find support groups and blogs to gain a sense of community with others that might be on the same journey as you. Trying to accomplish your New Year's resolution might get tricky if you're doing it alone.

Don't beat yourself up over slip-ups

Slip-ups are bound to happen, but don't let them bring you down. Prepare yourself for errors and mistakes - remember that they're a normal part of the process. Perfection is unattainable, so don't lose motivation over a small hiccup. 

Reward yourself throughout your journey

You don't have to wait until you achieve your goal to congratulate yourself. Pausing to acknowledge your success as you check off small feats on your list will help encourage you to keep going. 

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Stay healthy, Virginia!


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