Virginia Health Information (VHI) has released its 2020 Annual Report: "Uniting to Support Care." The report contains detailed information on VHI's financial and non-financial performance, progress and activities in 2020 and highlights the organization's strategic plan. 

"Given the challenges we faced this past year, the need for VHI's products and services have never been greater," says VHI President T.J. Smith. From using the All Payer Claims Database to to analyze and reduce low-value care to assisting the Virginia Department of Health in contact tracing efforts for COVID-19, VHI spent 2020 focused on "Uniting to Support Care." "For over 25 years, VHI is fortunate to be well-positioned to seek and carry out a number of programs relevant to your needs. We strive to be a top healthcare resources for Virginians and hope to make an impact outside of the Commonwealth as well," says Michael Lundberg, VHI's Chief Executive Officer. 

Highlights from this year's annual report include: 

  • VHI leveraging its access to data to create a dashboard to track COVID-19 across the Commonwealth
  • Growth of the Emergency Department Care Coordination Program to increase collaborative continued care in Virginia
  • Virginia in the process of becoming the the first state to fully implement the Common Data Layout (CDL)
  • The use of VHI data to support a wide range of healthcare reform efforts

The full 2020 Annual Report and Strategic Plan Update can now be seen online at http://vhi.org/about/annual_report.pdf


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